Make Your Witness a STAR

Length: 2.5 Hours

CLE Credits: 2 to 2.7 General (Depends on 50 or 60 Minute State)

Approved in: AK, AL, CA, ME, MN, MO, MT, NE, NH, NC, OK, OR, PA, TN, UT, VT, WA, WY; CO and NJ via Reciprocity

Make Your Witness a STAR!

Facilitated by Katherine James

How many times have you thought you prepared a witness perfectly only to have that witness fail – either just a little, or completely and disastrously? Do your problem witnesses keep you awake at night?  Do some witnesses affect YOUR performance?

You are not alone. Every attorney knows exactly what a “star witness” looks like, acts like, and performs like. A star witness is confident, ready for whatever comes at him or her, able to communicate well with judges and jurors, and able to avoid the pitfalls of deposition and cross-examination. Most attorneys do their best to prepare their witnesses to be as close to that ideal as possible. Yet in deposition and on the stand, many witnesses do not perform even adequately, let alone as a “star.”

Whether you are brand new to witness preparation or are an old hand at good witness preparation and would just like to learn some new ways to work with problem witnesses … the proven techniques in this program will help you create witnesses of star stature.

Katherine James is one of the premier litigation consultants in the country and she has helped attorneys prepare hundreds of witnesses in over a thousand trials.  Her game-changing system, The Star Witness Preparation System, has been refined over her more than three decades of work with attorneys and witnesses.  Her unique and proven techniques are based in the theater discipline of rehearsal and performance and the system works with all kinds of witnesses.

Join Katherine and let her help you make stars of YOUR witnesses!  Katherine will be available in the Chat Room during the webcast and for a Q & A session to close the program.

Prodcued by ACT of Communication

From the What Can Lawyers Learn From Actors? ℠ Series

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  • Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James, Co-Founders, ACT of Communication® (Los Angeles, CA)

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